Copyright 2013 Deborah M. Kaye, College Consultant


Throughout the consulting process, the focus is on finding a placement where the student will be successful and achieve his/her academic goals.

Services include:

Interviewing the student and parents to determine needs and goals, including academic, financial, geographic and social considerations.

Evaluating and assessing
transcripts, test scores, reports and recommendations, activities and interests.

Focusing students
on appropriate course selection, co-curricular and service activities, summer enrichment and work experiences.

Establishing a schedule
for standardized testing and making referrals for tutoring or test preparation.

Developing a list
of appropriate schools or programs that meet the student's needs, abilities and aspirations.

Constructing a timeline
for preparation and submission of applications.

Providing guidance and instruction
in preparing admission applications; writing admissions essays and personal statements; developing resumes, brag sheets and other supplementary application materials; researching scholarships and financial aid; visiting schools or programs; and interviewing.

Helping with arrangements
for visiting schools or programs.

Maintaining contact
with admission offices throughout the application process.

with the student and family about the final choice of a school or program.

after enrollment to monitor the "fit" for the student and family.